Mozilla Insisting YouTube to Improve their Recommendation Algorithm

Mozilla is trying to shame YouTube to improve its recommendation algorithm that can sometimes come up with harmful content. The recommendation algorithm set up by YouTube can often drive the users to the dangerous pathways.

Mozilla has started a new social media campaign with the name of #YouTubeRegrets where they are asking people to submit their experiences with YouTube recommendations. They are asking people to report such instances where they were drawn from one point to another because they searched for something on YouTube.

Mozilla has commented on this issue that YouTube recommendation has the ability to lead the users down bizarre rabbit holes that is not always harmless.

YouTube has been subjected to severe criticism by the tech critics that they are not taking enough actions to improve their recommendation algorithm. Mozilla is concerned about the impact of this bizarre content on young adults, children, and teenagers.

Even though concerns have been shown by the CEO Susan Wojcicki and chief product officer Neal Mohan still there is not much YouTube is doing to improve its recommendation algorithm.

Mozilla is working hard to collect experiences of people so that they can pressurize YouTube to do better in this regard. Mozilla will set up a meeting with YouTube once all the experiences have been collected to further solve this problem.

Now when you see an absurd recommendation on YouTube, you know where to report it.

Photo: Florian Gaertner / Getty Images

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