Facebook makes Interesting Changes to its Marketplace Display!

Ever since its arrival, Facebook Marketplace has made it easier for users to buy, sell and trade items with other people residing nearby. It is represented by the shop icon in Facebook’s iOS and Android apps. Although the transaction doesn’t take place over the social networking platform, it is still quite a helpful and effective feature.

So, it makes sense for Facebook to promote Marketplace and get more users to use it. Recently, social media consultant Matt Navarra tweeted about a possible new change that Facebook has made in regards to Marketplace. Navarra heard it through the founder of ClickThrough, Lachlan Kirkwood.

The change in question is basically Facebook showing the user a list of their friends using Marketplace. Additionally, highlights of the items for sale are also being previewed in iOS sidebar menu. Navarra shared a screenshot as well, showing how the list of friends as well as products on sale (with the price tags) shall be previewed. There’s no word yet regarding a similar update on Facebook’s Android version.

According to some users, the above mentioned change has been in effect for quite some time now. iOS users are welcome to verify this claim.

For what it’s worth, this move shall definitely help Marketplace get more eyes and at the same time, make the feature easy to spot and access for the users.

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