The new content oversight board can take decisions without the agreement by Facebook

Recently, Facebook introduced a new oversight board for its users and the independence provided to them can even overrule Mark Zuckerberg as well. The largest social network revealed the powers of its oversight board and it unveils that content oversight board might have more independence than any other Facebook executives.

According to a blog post by Brent Harris, Director of Governance and Global Affairs, users can appeal for content decisions directly to the board rather through to the Facebook usual forums. The decisions of the board won’t depend on Facebook for anything at all. According to Mark Zuckerberg's post, the powers provided to the board also include the independency throughout the overall process and Facebook will only choose to hold authority over some cases only.

The board will be selected based on qualified candidates only and will also include recommendation portal enabling anyone to suggest candidates. The board will also display in-between trust and day-to-day operations as well. Although Facebook wants the board to consist of 40 members but for now you’ll see at least 11 members each serving a maximum three terms of three years. The members of the board will be chosen based on not only relevant experience but also impartiality and open-mindedness as well. Facebook wants its board full of people from a variety of cultural, political and religious backgrounds in order to help it understand its diverse users better.

Detailed insight on the workings of the board

The cases submitted to the board will have a specific process. A committee will choose the cases to recommend with at least one from the same region where the complaint came from. Although the board will have the authority to choose the cases themselves but the staff will have only authority to select the panel and case manager as well. So the overall work will depend on the board and the staff to detect if any additional research is needed or not. Facebook will be only providing information to the panel whenever needed. The decisions from the panels will be shared with the whole board just to get a detailed review of the majority of the outcomes based on the decisions. The decisions by the board will then be submitted into a database that will use these decisions in the future as well similarly like court systems.

Until half of 2020, the oversight board won’t look into any cases but before the end of 2019, the first members might reveal some decisions.

Well if this board is as helpful as Facebook is displaying it be, then it might help Facebook with so many disputes based on controversial decisions. This board should help make decisions in a more educated and objective manner as compared to the past. The launch of board members will mean that Facebook will no longer be accused of any controversies. Although it’s just a starting phase but we think this new board might help Facebook will so many disputes that have come up over the past years.

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