To stop misinformation Facebook will be launching its own News Tab soon

There’s a new upcoming news tab on Facebook and we are as much excited as you are. According to our TheInformation, the Facebook News Tab will be launching this fall and the platform is expected to pay news publishers to promote combined headlines and previews of various articles. The News tab by Facebook will be completely monitored by human editors and not depend on any sort of algorithms. According to the reports, the details about the News Tab of Facebook were revealed through internal Facebook memo with guidelines regarding the ways these stories will be displayed to its users and the participation of various news publishers in order to display headlines and article previews to users.

The editors hired by Facebook will be looking at articles to decide which article to feature or reject. According to TheInformation, the editors will promote the sources that first reported some similar story earlier and editors will additionally prioritize stories based on the local news outlets. If you compare the News Tab of Facebook with Apple News, this tab will be offering unique ways to users in case the editors really end up following guidelines and also get huge participation from local publishers. The News Tab of Facebook will be different as Apple news barely feature stories from local publishers and instead prefer national publications or stories first revealed by local outlets instead.

Response from Facebook

There is no official confirmation regarding the role of publishers or its workings with the News Tab but according to the person who saw a version of the tab under the testing phase revealed that it features stories from The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, CBS News, National Geographic, BBC, The Huffington Post, and The Hill as well despite the fact that there is no official agreement between the publishers and Facebook yet.

According to the earlier revelation by The Wall Street Journal, Facebook was offering three-year licensing deals to pay publishers as much as $3 million a year but according to the reporter from CNN, the amount to be paid to publishers will be between $2 to $2.5 million. According to the sources, many of the small-sized publishers already agreed with Facebook’s terms and signed on with the News Tab. For websites like Dallas Morning News or BuzzFeed, this is free money.

Facebook’s News Tab doesn’t require publishers to spend money to create new unique content but instead it is giving money to publishers to the only link what they already produce so yeah it is a 100 percent profit margin with a lot of money but according to some large news outlets the money is pretty much relative to the amount that the company already makes on its own.

The Guidelines revealed by Facebook memo display the ways Facebook editors will pick stories for the soon to be launched News Tab. The editors are required to impartially share stories regarding Facebook as well and the stories with on-the-record sources will be given priority as compared to others.


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