Facebook is working on a news tab to curate more quality stories

Over the past years, Facebook became a new topic of interest for all sort of scandals. Facebook has been accused of violating its user privacy and there’s an ongoing investigation about the rumor of Facebook spreading fake news on the platform. The team of Facebook tried various strategies and worked on a variety of new algorithms just to prevent its platform from distribution of misinformation but all in vain.

Recently, NYT revealed that Facebook will be hiring a team of journalists to monitor and work on its news tab. Facebook is currently working on a news section specifically built to help secure the social network’s reputation as a trustworthy platform. This news section will be handled by human editors but along with that mostly by algorithms and Facebook is expected to announce that on August 20th.

This new section is named as Top news which is a step by Facebook to restore its credibility. Apple recently launched its Apple news which was liked by the majority of its users due to being fake-news free. So now Facebook is using a similar idea from Apple to use a human editorial team to help make this news section free from any sort of misinformation.

The team of journalists working on the news tab is expected to be less than 10 and each individual is expected to have a few years of journalism experience. Facebook will be launching this news tab in late October. The team of journalists will report to the Facebook’s head of news partnerships but this news tab is also expected to be independent enough to sign publishers itself to provide news to the specified section.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook will be paying more than $3 million every year for three years to license headlines and previews of its articles. Facebook is trying to clear out its mistake of short-lived Trending news section which resulted in criticism by the majority of users.

Although there will be a team of human journalists monitoring the news tab still the majority of the news section is expected to be algorithmically driver. The small team of journalists will be picking up breaking news and top stories but according to Facebook, their roles are limited to that only pick top stories for its news section. The other section of the news tab will be driven by what people find interesting. The other section will show news based on the liked pages by users and the news they already shared or interacted with.

There’s still so much more

Facebook is still attempting to engage known publishers like The New York Times and The Washington Post to also sign up as a publisher before this tab starts rolling out in late October. It is a new step by Facebook and it still needs to convince publishers that this feature will engage a variety of audience. Facebook is also offering to pay some publishers more than others just to make its news tab full of publishers.

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