Facebook is Reportedly Working on a new in-Feed Panel for Page Stories

Although the growth of Stories on Facebook has been slow as compared to that on Instagram, it is steadily heading to the top.

Facebook Stories have now over 500 million users across the main Facebook app and Messenger. This is an improvement from last year’s numbers (300 million). Moreover, the company has faith in the feature and believes that it is the future of social sharing. This is why, the king of social media has been working on new ways to promote Stories and increase the interest of users towards this option.

Recently, social media consultant Matt Navarra spotted Facebook conducting a new test that will specifically display Stories from Pages in a new in-Feed panel.

Stories are currently showcased at the top of feed. However, an entire section dedicated to Page Stories sounds like a clever promotional strategy for more users to notice Page Stories.

Facebook is Working on a new in-Feed Panel for Page Stories

For marketers considering Facebook Stories or cross-posting their Instagram Stories, now is the perfect time to capitalize on the popularity of the feature.

It should be noted that although Stories are slowly and steadily becoming the go-to for promotional purposes, the feature is not for everyone. Every business/influencer doesn’t possess the creativity and ability to effectively utilize Story foramt. However, Facebook has been working on more tools and options (such as the slideshow option or the stop-motion video creation tool) that would potentially result in an increased user-base of Stories.

Moreover, if Facebook's plans are to be trusted, Stories will soon be playing a key part in social media interactions.

So, you should start focusing on Stories if you are figuring out how to effectively increase your reach on Facebook and Instagram.

The above mentioned points clearly indicate how much importance Facebook is giving to Stories. If that isn’t enough to convince you, Navarra also noted that the social networking platform has now rolled out a question sticker for Stories, like the one on Instagram.

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