Facebook and Instagram experimenting with improved shopping features

Instagram and Facebook are both working to improve the e-commerce experience on platforms in this holiday shopping season.

Instagram is testing its ads feature by allowing businesses to turn their organic shopping posts as ads using Ads Manager.

The whole idea behind is to let people shop without leaving the Instagram app. The test will continue for a few months, during which the checkout option will also be built and tested in these ads.

According to Facebook, 80% of the Instagram users follow businesses, and in a month, more than 130 million users tap on shopping posts to see the tags.

Marketing manager of Revolve, Alisa Harada said they are excited about the new feature on Instagram that allows them to run their organic shopping posts as ads. It will enable to explore digital marketing strategy by testing new possible ways. It would also allow seeing how consumer behavior is changing and ever-evolving shopping habits. Revolve is looking forward to how it would affect their business.

In a few weeks, Facebook will also let a small number of advertisers test dynamic ads. It will incorporate checkout with the ad system of the platform to appear in the News Feed of users. This too is to let people shop without directing them to another website, instead, do all the processing by staying on Facebook.

Facebook is trying to lessen the “friction during the checkout process,” so people can but products easily and quickly. This year, in the U.S alone, the predictable opportunity cost to business from the friction is $213 billion. It is mainly due to prolonged checkout processes and awful customer-experience design.

The company said one-third of their users in the U.S. are using their Marketplace, monthly. It also said they would extend it to other advertisers after exploring and learning more about it.

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