Ex-Facebook engineer mocks at the Social Media giant through YouTube videos

A former software engineer of Facebook named Patrick Shyu took on the social network this week by releasing a video on his YouTube channel called the ”Day in the Life of a Facebook Software Engineer.”

The video does not contain content about any ordinary day at Facebook headquarters. Instead, the video replicates the day Facebook fired him just over a month ago. In the clip, Shyu is seen walking into a meeting with a HR representative who fires him because she does not like his YouTube channel and opinion.

Shyu continues his video by mocking at the culture of Facebook and calls it a ‘popularity contest’ where content is driven by likes and comments instead of logic.

The software engineer owns a YouTube channel called the “TechLead” that has over 500,000 subscribers. After being fired from the social media network, he has routinely made fun of Facebook through various videos. In fact, the first video in this regard was shot on August 26 - the day he was fired. He even titled it "I got fired from Facebook (for having a YouTube channel)" and tweeted the same from his Twitter handle with a link to his video.

According to Shyu’s LinkedIn profile, Shyu became part of Facebook in May 2018 – after spending a good four years with Google. While working at Google he was based at an office in San Bruno, California, where YouTube is also situated.

His videos are popular with over a few hundred thousand videos and gives insights into the life of software developers. In fact, in his September 9 video titled, "How much I make on 1,000,000 YouTube views (after getting fired from Facebook)," indicates that the ex-Facebook employee makes more than $500,000 from the channel.

He even admitted to making more from his YouTube channel than he did working as a tech lead at Google or as a software engineer at Facebook.

In his latest video, Shyu disclosed that Facebook employees are constantly boasting about their successes on the company’s internal social network to enhance their popularity.

Previously former employees of Facebook have also described the company’s culture as ‘cult-like.’

Upon request, both Facebook and Shyu refused to comment on this news bulletin.

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