The creators of YouTube will also be held responsible for violations of Children’s privacy

Recently, YouTube was accused of violating Children’s Online Privacy and has been fined more than $170 million by FTC. The settlement of YouTube with FTC increases the responsibility on YouTube and the creators as well to detect any sort of content that is direct to children as YouTube is now banned to collect any personal data from viewers of videos for children. The creators who fail to modify according to the requirements may also be penalized by FTC. According to TechCrunch, the team of FTC released new information at a press conference that the penalties by FTC may include civil penalties or complete removal of creators from the platform of YouTube.

The settlements revealed by YouTube and FTC didn’t include consequences related to creators so this specific press conference was arranged to make the creators of the YouTube community notice the new requirements of FTC. FTC will impose strong penalties against cases of content creators of channel owners as well as specific issues related to Children online privacy violation.

For creators, the ability to target videos of children to advertise technology has been a beneficial element for profitable business for creators so the new requirements might result in creators trying some new strategies to engage an audience and the new revelation by FTC is to not let that happen. This is the reason why FTC will keep on reviewing the YouTube content because some creators will surely try to violate rules in one way or another.

According to reports, after the complete implementation of the requirements by FTC a sweep will take place on YouTube to completely detect children directed content that works to collect personally identifiable information. There is no clear evidence on the workings of this sweep or how it will keep up with the new content uploaded on YouTube on a daily basis.

For content creators who will violate any requirements by FTC will face strong consequences which even include complete removal from the YouTube platform.

We think YouTube won’t let any of scandal happen again on the platform. As YouTube is offering this platform and services especially for content creators we think YouTube will try all the possible ways to not let any creator removed from the platform.

The new requirements by FTC may discourage content creators from posting any content on YouTube and there is no specific announcement from YouTube regarding the type of steps it will take again non-compliant creators.

Modifications by YouTube

For now, YouTube will limit the data on child-directed content and will stop offering any sort of personalized ads on the videos directed to children. YouTube will also turn off comments and notifications on the videos that contain content related to children. According to TC, YouTube creators will be displayed a new checkbox to inform YouTube if any of their content is aimed at children so that the new requirements can be applied.

YouTube is also planning to use new techniques of machine learning to detect any other child-direct content like videos of children games or toys and after identifying the content YouTube will automatically consider those videos as children’s content and will limit data collection on those videos too.

If the creator unchecks the checkbox and avoids getting flagged through YouTube’s systems as well then the creator might be violating COPPA and will surely face consequences. In the coming weeks, YouTube will be sharing more about its impact on creators and the changes they’ll need to make for new $100 million funds for kid-friendly YouTube content.

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