YouTube’s new update is meant to help creators’ concern for subscribers count

YouTube recently tweeted to its followers with an update on the abbreviation for channel’s subscribers counts. YouTube is one of the largest online video streaming platforms with millions of users from all over the world. Whether it is a suggestion for some trending gadgets or recommendation for a new car, YouTube has it all.

Almost each and every company attempts to engage a variety of audience through its unique services and products. YouTube is a platform known to help not only creators but marketers as well. A variety of brands use YouTube to generate leads through digital ads whereas creators use YouTube to influence others with their content.

YouTube gives a heads up to its users

YouTube just tweeted about its attempt to now only display abbreviated public subscriber counts across the platform of YouTube instead of the full count. The team of YouTube always tries to ease its users in all the ways possible so after hearing a lot of concerns of creators with lack of consistency in displaying the subscriber counts YouTube is finally giving it a single look.

Currently, creators with more than 1,000 subscribers see their subscriber counts displayed differently both on desktop or mobile apps. This can be pretty annoying for some creators to see subscriber counts abbreviated on some platforms and in other places displayed as the full count.

YouTube further explained that in the upcoming week it will start displaying subscriber counts in abbreviated format across all public YouTube platforms. The third parties that also use the API services of YouTube will have the same access to display abbreviated subscriber counts to users as they’ll see on YouTube. Along with the abbreviated format of sub counts, Creators will still have access to an exact number of subscribers in YouTube Studio.

What will this new update look like?

Well, for starters the YouTube channels with subscribers less than 1,000 will still display non-abbreviated subscriber count. Channels that pass the milestone to achieve more than 1,000 subscribers will begin to see their sub count in an abbreviated format on a sliding scale.

Still confused? Let’s give you some examples:

A channel with 4,338 subscribers will display public subscriber count as “4.3k” until the channel reaches 4400 subscribers.

If a channel has around 133,098 subscribers, the public subscriber count will read “133k” until the channel reaches its subscribers count to 134,000.

YouTube team announced that they know about the importance of subscriber counts for its creators and fans. YouTube tweeted its followers regarding this sub count update in advance of the change to let them know how much the team of YouTube care for its users.

Photo: Florian Gaertner / Getty Images

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