YouTube Kids app releases variety in its content filters for youngsters of different age

YouTube always tries to build a connection with its users through the services it provides. The team of YouTube always attempts to improve its user experience by launching a variety of new features and products. YouTube introduced several policies to secure its users from being a victim of any sort of cyberbullying that might affect their lives.

YouTube launches new content filters in the Kids app

The content on YouTube can be pretty disturbing for kids so YouTube launched an app named YouTube Kids specifically built to display content related to kids only. Parents can easily monitor their kids' activity through this app and can only allow access to selective content and channels. The core purpose of the team of YouTube is to make the platform best for not just adults but for kids too.

When YouTube Kids was first launched it had a one size strategy approach for all kids. This means kids and parents need use to analyze and search the content themselves to select the type of content they wanted to consume.

With the growing age, the interests of the children also change as they grow up. Last year, YouTube kids launched its unique service of offering levels to filter content. Previously the levels for content filter were Younger (for kids of age 8 and below) and Older (for kids of age 8 and up to 12). Now YouTube Kids just launched a new filter specifically developed to help parents filter content for their kids of age 4 or below.

If you take a look at the content filters, YouTube Kids offers the following content filters for YouTube Kids.

Preschool (For kids of age 4 and below)

This category of a filter is specifically built to display videos for kids that promote being active, being creative and also displays the signs for kids to learn and explore.

Younger (For kids of age 5-7)

This category of a filter is designed to enable kids to explore their interests in the content and search for a huge variety of topics including various cartoons, crafts, and songs as well.

Older (For kids of age 8-12)

This category is built to enable kids with the ability to search and explore music videos, gaming and family Vlogs independently.

If you want to have a more detailed insight on this new feature you should visit the support page of YouTube.

Whenever a user selects any specific filter, a preview will be displayed to the user to help make a better decision based on the type of content they want to watch. There’s still the option to lock content and only allow specific content for parents who want to manually filter videos, channels, and collections for their children.

According to YouTube, this new Kids service will be launching later this week, although it is not released yet but we are really looking forward to this new service by YouTube for Kids.

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