Microsoft continues to listen conversations on Skype and Cortana

Recently, we shared the news of Facebook contractors listening and transcribing audio conversations of its Messenger users. Well, it emerged that Microsoft is also doing the same and has enlisted third-party contractors to listen in on Skype and Cortana recordings. In fact the company is said to continue its practices despite the potential privacy concerns.

The move by Microsoft is also surprising since other tech giants including Apple, Google, and Facebook have temporarily ceased their practices while Amazon gives its users the option to select or deselect the assessment of their Alexa conversations.

According to Vice, Microsoft recently modified its privacy policy and other pages to make it transparent to the users that they have hired human workers to record Skype and Cortana conversation to improve their services. The company also declared that they have employed both – automated and manual (humans) of data processing. The same is also mentioned in their privacy policy.

Before the policy was modified, the users were not clear whether contractors were listening in on the conversations. However, after the change, Microsoft has made it clear that they are recording conversations to improve several of their services including speech recognition, translation, intent understanding, and other products and services.

Nevertheless, Microsoft also allows users to delete their audio recordings but it has never been transparent about its protocols until recently. In the future, Apple is planning to allow Siri users opt-out of their recordings. However, Microsoft has not yet declared any similar plans.

Photo: AFP / Getty Images

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  1. This is the worst news I have heard related to privacy. How can a company do this when they claims to have end to end encryption? So I think that end to end encryption was just a marketing gimmick. With this I am deleting my skype account once and for all for betterment of my privacy.

    If you are in the condition and want to delete skype account, make sure to unlink microsoft account before deleting your skype so that you don't loose your email address. This guide has the complete tutorial for that

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