3 Most Trending Shopping-related ideas on YouTube

Throwback to the days without technology, people used to ask friends and family for some shopping-related information. Now we live in the generation of technology and social media platforms. YouTube is one of the largest online video search engine on the internet with users from all over the world. Now people rely more on social media platforms for any sort of inspirations and recommendations on whether to buy a new phone or to look for some new trending clothes. The watch time for shopping-related videos grew more than five times in the U.S from 2016 to 2018.

Here are the three most trending shopping-related trends on YouTube this year.

Make another person’s choice your choice

I think we all suffer from speech paralysis when it comes to deciding what to eat? Whether we are on a date with someone special or at a fast-food chain to grab a quick bite, it takes a lot of time to focus on one specific thing that we want at that moment. So to overcome this anxiety of not being able to decide, a YouTube creator Derek Gerard came up with the idea that for 24 hours he would buy whatever food the person next to him had purchased. He left all his decision on the person in front of him, this idea inspired a huge variety of audience and between April and mid-May, more than 1200 videos were made as a part of this new viral trend which received millions of views. This trend made people realize about the large variety of choices people have but fail to select due to overwhelming feelings.

Testing the best and worst-reviewed places

According to the Pew Research Center, more than 82% of the people of U.S. prefer customer ratings and reviews before proceeding to purchase anything. But with the spread of fake reviews by writers, it becomes pretty difficult to trust online reviews at all. A new trend was introduced by YouTube creator Philip Solo to try out the best and worst-reviewed places in his city. Although the trend Philip started was with restaurants only but since then it has been extended beyond the food industry to hotels and even swimming pools as well. 55% of people prefer to search on Google first and then check related videos on YouTube before finalizing to purchase any product.

Get all you want for free - unless you drop it

Now everyone is pretty clear that YouTube is a platform that engages with a variety of challenge videos on a daily basis.

A new trend was spotted on YouTube that puts shopping related videos to a whole new level. MrBeast, a creator on YouTube first made a popular challenge to grant a friend or family member permission to purchase anything in the store as long as they carry it themselves without dropping it anywhere at all.

This new challenge raised the category of shopping challenges to a new level, over the past months this challenge was adopted by more than 54% population of U.S. and 19% from the U.K.

Featured Photo: Florian Gaertner via Getty Images
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