YouTube is going to remove in-app messaging, kids are not happy while Google giving importance to public conversations

On Tuesday, YouTube announced that it's sunsetting its direct messaging feature from application and the website in the coming month.

Google revealed the information firstly in the post on YouTube Help that the feature of direct messaging was introduced two years ago to assist users to share videos via message but now the team ins focusing on public conversations by updating posts, comments and stories.

Google’s video sharing site launched the feature of direct messaging in its Android and iOS applications in August 2017. Later, this in-app messaging was introduced on the web as well. The objective of the messaging feature was to let users to share videos and chat in messages.

Although, the spokesperson did not tell the actual reason behind the removal of messages, there are some speculation. One of them is that messaging application did not receive extensive response, secondly, there are so many messaging applications and thirdly, it was used in a negative way by children.

According to TechCruch, kids use YouTube messaging application to avoid parental bans. Therefore, they requested the site to keep the messaging application because it is the only way they have to talk to their friends.

To please the users, Google gave them option to share the videos and their links through other messaging applications and social media.

The in-app messaging feature will be removed on 18th of September 2019 officially.

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