YouTube Experiments With Enlarged Thumbnails and Social Media Users Call It “Garbage”

Video lovers are aware of the fact that YouTube has habit of changing features of the site frequently. This time, the video hosting platform has increased the size of thumbnails of videos on the homepage.

Due to increased size of thumbnails, only a few video are seen in a single row. Their presence depends on the resolution of the device. For example two to three videos are seen in a row on small screens whereas on desktops, four videos are shown.

However, majority of labels, including the date of posting and the name of channels appear on the same location but the difference is that there are no categories of “Recommended Video”..

The changes are criticized by YouTubers who expressed their opinions on different social media platforms. Majority of the users expressed their views on Twitter and Reddit. According to their posts and tweets, they are annoyed of scrolling more and more to find their favorite videos. Similarly, one of the users called this change “garbage” because his YouTube has mixed all of the videos.

Although, this new feature has disturbed majority of YouTube lovers, the feature is limited to few users and locations as few are able to see it. Other users have same interface.

This new interface with large icons is suitable for big screen and Android TV because it makes the icons more visible. Small screens do not have any advantage of it.

We hope YouTube will get more users after it. Yet, it is difficult because of the negative reviews they are getting after the A/B test.

Screenshot: BlearRocks / Reddit

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  1. 3 months later and they are still changing the thumbnails without permission and doing whatever they want in spite of all the hate and negative feedback they are having. These people should take their heads out of their anuses and listen to what their users are saying.

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