YouTube discusses it’s new ‘creator-on-creator’ harassment policy

In a recent interview, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki talked to vlogger Alfie Deyes where they discussed several key aspects of the video streaming platform including the company’s new policy around ‘creator-on-creator’ harassment.

YouTube faced a lot of criticism recently after it failed to take considerable action against a YouTube commentator who harassed a fellow colleague through homophobic comments.

The incident and several others have led the company to ‘redo’ their policies that involves its creators.

Although, she did not give many details about the new policy, Susan Wojcicki admitted that creators throwing jokes at each other is increasingly common on their platform. Most of the time, this jabs are creative and funny. However, sometimes they can turn ugly and become problematic for the victim party.

Wojcicki said that they are working on the new policy and trying to remain non-bias with it as well. She also claimed that they would allow criticism and freedom of speech between the creators without letting them become hurtful.

She explained that the company is working on the policy thoroughly to allow no room for misunderstanding. She further elaborated that there are many channels on the platform that are solely dedicated to criticism for others and that is where they are wrong. She agrees that some fun banter is acceptable on YouTube but criticizing someone to an extent will not be tolerated on Alphabet-owned platform.

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