Facebook’s Creator Studio Feature That Lets You Schedule Instagram Posts Is Rolling Out To More Users

Facebook has been attempting to position itself as prime real estate for content creators for quite some time now, and the main reason for this is that it has a lot of competitors out there, with the biggest of them being YouTube, that are quite adept at providing content creators with a platform that would enable them to reach the largest number of people possible thereby giving them the chance to build an audience of their very own.

Creator Studio is just one of the many ways in which Facebook has been trying to make itself seem like a more attractive option to social media managers, and a new update has just added a lot more to the table. Now you can schedule posts for Instagram and IGTV using Facebook Creator Studio, something that will definitely add some benefits that could potentially tip the scale in Facebook’s favor.

Good News Social Media Managers! You Can Now Schedule Posts on Instagram without Using Third Party Apps

Instagram TV in particular is something that Facebook has developed pretty much for the sole purpose of competing with YouTube, in a similar vein to Facebook using Instagram as a testing ground for new features that are meant to compete with other social media platforms that are out there competing for the same basic demographic.

Being able to schedule posts for Instagram and IGTV is something that a lot of creators are going to appreciate quite a bit, especially when you consider how easy it is going to make scheduling content for an audience that is going to be demanding a consistent stream of content in order to take the content creator in question seriously.

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