Snapchat Makes Instagram Debut in The Most Snappy Way Possible

Snapchat is known for carefree advertisement and community handling; the company is least interested in pushing people to like their product. A recent incident of the SnapChat CEO offending a whole country was a pure example of a carefree behavior. Unlike Facebook, SnapChat doesn’t attract drama or bad press but they really like to take jabs on their competitors especially the one who stole from the basic idea of SnapChat. Formally, SnapChat didn’t have an active online presence on other social media networking websites like Instagram however, recently an ad campaign was launched on Instagram that clearly took a jab on Facebook.

In short, SnapChat took a jab on Instagram through an ad campaign that has been launched on Instagram, which just makes SnapChat the most savage social media network in the game. This ad campaign was launched around a week ago with the help of various quotefluncers based Instagram accounts.

This simply highlights the fact that the company doesn’t have to make their own account, instead, they can take the help of established Instagram users who are already producing creative content on the platform effectively and use these users against Instagram in the most unique fashion. Currently, the company has collaborated with various quote based Instagram accounts including, MySelfLoveSupply with 131,000 followers, SoSheSlays with 322,000 followers, Inner.Bliss with 608,000 followers and BestQuotesInMyLife with 72,000 followers. Considering that most of these quote based blogs may have very strong fan-based but doesn’t have a huge number of followers clearly explains that SnapChat knows how smaller accounts bring better engagement while keeping it economical.

The launched campaign has been named with a hashtag trend #realfriends, which highlights that Instagram is an aspirational and curated based content-creating social network where most of the people follow celebrities, influences, YouTubers or fashion gurus and not their actual friends. Whereas, SnapChat is a more real friends based app, where people like to stay in contact with each other through daily streaks, by posting stories and keeping in contact with each other.

The company has been planning to spread the #realfriends campaign to other social networking sites and traditional means like print ads, billboards, and even TV ads. Later, the company is also looking forward to collaborating with more than 70 snap-chatters from 12 countries.

Snapchat trolls Instagram with a new ad
Photo: Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

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