Now High Blood pressure can be Tracked with Just a Selfie, Says a Report

Researchers from Canada and China have invented a new way to test the blood through a selfie.

A team from the University of Toronto and the Hospital of Hangzhou Normal University recently published their study that showed how, with a short video, blood pressure of a user could be tracked.

Development Psychologist at the University of Toronto, Kang Lee is the lead author of the paper published. According to Lee, a technology called transdermal optical imaging is used for this invention.

The light that smartphones emit will be used to identify the bouncing proteins on the skin. Then the machine learning algorithms will b used by the team that will then translate these measurements to know the blood pressure of a patient. 95% of the readings taken were accurate.

The test was carried on over 1,300 participants out of which majority belonged to Europe and the Middle East. This raises the concern that the proof-of-concept could give inaccurate result for the people belonging to a different color race.

While testing the light-colored skins were used to study the light measurements, after proteins bounce off like hemoglobin. However, it is yet unclear whether it will be able to identify Protein on dark skin tones.

The same test should be tried on different kinds of skin types and colors before claiming the high accuracy of its results. Lee too agreed that they need to expand their experiment on other skin tones as well.

If they succeed in testing on all skin types, it could be an affordable and easily accessible way for people with lesser health facilities.

High blood pressure is one of the main reasons behind cardiac attacks, like a heart attack or stroke. According to the report of CDC, in the USA, more than 1,100 people die per day because of cardiac arrest.

The death rate can be controlled in case these diseases are diagnosed on time. Also, diet and exercises can make a massive difference in the health of a person and reduces hypertension cases.

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