WhatsApp to Add Third-Party Stickers to Make Chat More Colorful and Interesting

WhatsApp is known to be the most famous messaging app. After WhatsApp was bought by Facebook the obsession of innovation started and since then, WhatsApp has introduced multiple new features to stay updated and to fulfill the growing needs and expectations of their users. Initially, WhatsApp was a simple communication service where users could send each other messages and voice notes but soon, the company initiated WhatsApp story status, video call, audio call, and other interesting features. With every passing day, the company has been trying to add something new just to stay relevant.

Recently WhatsApp tested animated stickers just like we see on Facebook, in fact, few were quite same as well see on Facebook Messenger app. These stickers were tested for iOS, Android and web version. These animated stickers have been a great addition to the app and users seem to love these stickers which is the reason WhatsApp has reportedly been thinking of adding animated stickers from the third-party developers. This means that since the basic purpose of the third-party app would be just to have animated stickers, there will be a lot of stickers with a huge variety and better animation and the app can focus on innovation more.

In addition to this cool new feature, WhatsApp has recently launched “frequently forwarded message” feature. This feature has been rolled out especially to help the user's spot scam messages, when the same message has been forwarded too much, the message will be labeled with the double arrow highlighted with grey which represents that the message has been sent so many time.

Moreover, as rumored by WAbetainfo, the company has been working on improving its web app version. Currently users can only use the web app when the phone is nearby and it is connected to the Wi-Fi, however, after the launch of this update, users will be able to use WhatsApp web even if their phone is not connected to the Wi-Fi or internet. However, the company has yet not issued a launch date for this feature and users are waiting impatiently for this feature. According to experts, the introduction of this feature will help WhatsApp to achieve a major milestone.

Photo: Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket / Getty Images

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