Two new Features Reportedly Being Developed for Whatsapp's Next Update!

WhatsApp’s 2.19.80 beta update was recently made available on Google Play Beta Program and with the update, Whatsapp has started to work on two new features, which shouldn’t be publicly available now though.

The First feature, “Forwarding Info”, will be seen in the Message Info section as soon as it becomes available. As the name suggests, the feature will allow a user to get more details about a forwarded message, mainly the number of times the message has been forwarded.

It should be noted that it will only be available for the sent messages (the messages sent by the users themselves). In order to get details about a forwarded message, which was sent by one of their contacts, the user should forward the message to themselves and then view its details.

According to WAbetainfo, the feature is expected to be rolled out in one of the next beta updates.

Another feature which is being worked on at the moment is “Frequently Forwarded”. To shed light on it, a message is considered as frequently forwarded if it has been forwarded over 4 times. Instead of “forwarded”, users will be able to spot a “frequently forwarded” icon on top of such messages’ bubbles.
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The purpose of this feature is to help the user in understanding about the popularity of a message or warn them about spam nature of the message, had it been forwarded way too many times. This feature has also not been enabled yet but is expected to be fully functional soon.

It should also be mentioned here that once a forwarded message becomes frequently forwarded, the forwarding info will not be available for it.

Although the release date of these features is unknown at this point, it shouldn’t take that long. As for now, the only certain thing is that Whatsapp is working on these features to make sure that they are completely bug-free upon being rolled out.

Whatsapp is working on two new Features to Curb Fake news and misinformation

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