Top 101 Intriguing Affiliate Marketing Facts and Stats to Better Understand the Process (infographic)

Over the years, the term “online earning” has gained notoriety. This brings us to affiliate marketing (AM) which thrives online and, with the right strategy, ensures that you earn a decent amount of money from your website.

Affiliate marketing requires little to no initial investment and due to this, anyone with a proper vision, set goals and strategies can easily set up their own online business. Having a website or a YouTube channel is a major plus in this case.

Speaking by the numbers, funding on affiliate marketing is expected to increase by 10% in the coming years. The total worth of AM at the moment is a whopping $12 billion. When it comes to digital media revenue, 15% of all the earning comes through AM. Affiliate Marketing is also the largest source of online revenue, together with email marketing.

Not only that but around 81% of brands depend on affiliate programs in one way or another and you can expect this number to go up! After all, with more than 5 billion clicks and 170 million+ transactions worldwide, what else can be expected?

Perhaps, the best thing about Affiliate marketing is that its opportunities can be availed by people of all ages, provided that they are hands-on with the ongoing technological trends.

For what it’s worth, Ad blockers can’t affect Affiliate marketing if correct strategies are implemented. For example, if your strategy is to sell your services with the help of quality content instead of misguiding tactics, then you can be assured that your business will continue to grow.

The above mentioned stats and figures were just the tip of iceberg. There is endless material available on Affiliate Marketing worth studying. For a more comprehensive insight into the AM industry, the following infographic from HostingTribunal has got you completely covered!

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