WhatsApp Rolls out New Beta Update for iOS... Implements Several Changes!

Recently, a new WhatsApp beta update was rolled out for iOS users. Through the new update, multiple changes were implemented including riddance from the feature that allowed to save profile pictures via 3D Touch, a pinned alert in chats for notifications of download matters, as well as the support for Quick Media Edit for testing reasons.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is rumored to be testing a multi-platform system which will enable business users to operate the same account on two devices concurrently.

With the new iOS update, the WhatsApp version has been brought up to As discussed above, the recent beta update has got the app rid of 3D Touch shortcuts. Additionally, the pinned alerts for download issues being tested will show up on the top of the chats, urging you to update the app.

Not to forget, the Quick Media Edit feature is now also functional in the latest iOS beta update for testing purposes. The feature, when fully functional, will allow users to edit media files that they have sent to or received from both individual as well as group chats.

Let’s come to the multi-platform system that the company is reportedly working on. Its purpose is to allow users to use the same account at the same time on more than one device. The interesting part is that the same WhatsApp account can also be used on both iOS as well as Android devices. Not only that, but users will also be able to use WhatsApp on their computers without having to connect their phones to a Network firstly. This will be made possible with the help of UWP app.

Using the same account on WhatsApp for Windows as well as Windows Phone will be possible. According to WABeta Info, the new system is being developed currently and there is no rumored or predicted time for its release yet.

WABetaInfo also claims that WhatsApp is working on improving their end-to-end encryption through the new system. This is necessary as a change is required if the messages are to be sent to multiple devices.

Photo: Reuters/Thomas White

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