Studies show the price users would pay to use popular social media apps

Would you be willing to pay for your favorite apps – if a subscription fee becomes mandatory? And how much would you pay for them?

This question started doing rounds last year when users started suggesting ways Facebook can build an alternative business model to advertising, in order to keep the user’s data more secure. This way the users would not have to worry about Facebook misusing their personal information in the lee of ad targeting.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has occasionally declared that his social media platform would always remain free. However, this means that they would be funded by advertisements shown across the social media network.

But if the company decides to forego the ads and charge a subscription fee, how much would be a reasonable amount for Facebook? And what about the others like YouTube, Google Maps, Instagram, and Snapchat?

To gain more input from the users, a team from McGuffin Group recently surveyed 2,000 app users regarding the approximate price they would pay for their favorite apps.

According to the results, the users would pay the most for YouTube, at more than $4 per month. Google Maps and Drive follows close behind the video-streaming app with users willing to pay $3.48 and $3.31 per month respectively.

Studies show the price users would pay to use popular social media apps

Interestingly, Facebook came in fourth place for the subscription fee amount while the percentage of users that would be willing to pay for its use was pretty low, especially when compared to the other apps under the umbrella of Mark Zuckerberg.

This being said, WhatsApp has the highest amount of users who would be willing to pay to use it. This highlights its importance for the users as one of the leading apps for communication.

The research team of McGuffin also found that women are more willing to pay for apps like Google Maps, Facebook and Pinterest while millennials would pay 78% more for Instagram than other demographics.

Of course, these revelations are not definite, as only 2,000 participants have been surveyed for the purpose. Additionally, none of these apps has made any indication that they would start charging the users for memberships on their apps. However, it is still an interesting experiment to see the apps that would garner more subscription if became paid models.

What do you think? What is your favorite app and how much would you pay for its subscription? Do let us know in the comments below!

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