How Much is Your Digital Data Worth? (infographic)

If someone were to ask you how much your data would be worth, you would probably place quite a high value on said information. This is because of the fact that your data includes things like your bank account details, every message you have ever sent as well as a bunch of other data of a very personal nature which you would definitely want to keep as safe as possible. However, how much is your data actually worth? The answer might surprise you, and after a recent study conducted by Money Guru you can now actually figure out how much your data is worth to cyber criminals.

Your entire personal data profile which contains all of the information to pretty much ruin your entire life is worth a mere seven hundred and fifty pounds (or $965). If a cyber criminal only wants access to something relatively smaller, like just your email account, this can cost a miniscule two pounds fifty pence (or 3.3 dollar)! It certainly is shocking to find out that a piece of information that could potentially result in your identity being stolen is worth less than a cup of coffee from a lot of different places.

The more expensive aspects of your data include things like your credit card or debit card details, with a PayPal account costing the most amount of money. Still, someone could gain access to every single one of your financial accounts for a meager 600 pounds (or $800), a measly sum when you compare it to how financially profitable it can be. If you think social media is any safer, think again. Someone could easily buy access to your Facebook account for just four dollars. This information can be bought on the Dark Net markets, it is available there anonymously with identities being revealed upon purchase, and the whole purchasing process is so easy and streamlined that you would be shocked at just how simple it can be to access information that could give you the key to someone else’s life.

Your Personal Online Data Sold For Less Than A Coffee, But Some Data Garners A Few Hundred Dollars
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