What Is Going To Be The Ultimate Future Of Smartphones?

When this question comes to mind, there are often two thoughts associated to it; one forces us to think about the decline in smartphone sales while the other makes us become more optimistic about technology in the near future. However, this debate is not as simple as we think.

Before I go deep into how or why, remember The Grand Theory of Apple? If not, then just recall it. The Marketing Director of Apple, back in 2015 explained the vision of Apple Watch by stating that the company aims to make the watch so powerful that one doesn’t have to use iPhones much. He also revealed that the job of iPhones in the future would be to not let you not pick up the iPad often and the same also goes for iPad which will make it simpler for users to not use Macbook much.

To be precise, each of these devices would be so powerful that we can expect Apple Watch to become a replacement of Macbook and this is exactly how the smartphone market will evolve into more smaller, seamless and powerful technology.

The detailed statistics related to sales of smartphones show that there has been an 18% increment in revenue of of $400 plus phones since 2018, that also contributed in the figure of only 3% decline in the smartphone market overall. So, do we get out of it? People are hoping onto the trend of buying expensive smartphones in order to keep them for long and in return the life span of flagship smartphones are finally going to be a year longer. You will get updates for longer period of time and performance that will keep up with technology of years to come.

Now let’s break it down to a few of predictions by technology experts on how the future of smartphone is going to be really interesting.

1. Expect Subscriptions To Be A Core Component of Smartphone Market

Would you like to pay a specific amount of fees to upgrade to the new smartphones every year? While this might resonate with what Apple has planned in order to rank up their iPhone sales, this seems to be in great favor for the user where one won’t ever have to worry about the older smartphones, transfer of data and repair needs as well. You are going to be completely covered.

2. 5G will make smartphones more powerful than your imagination

Each leap in G laid the foundation of all the possibilities that we see in our smartphones today. While 3G made video calling convenient, 4G made live streaming and playing online games a reality on phones. And as predicted 5G is going to be a step in the right direction for augmented and virtual reality.

3. More Capable Wearables

Like I said above that the future is seamless, it will actually come down to wearables; something you could wrap around your wrist, tuck it up in your clothes or even a thing that can be implanted into you. Together these are going to bring us closer to the potentials of virtual reality. In fact if one goes by the sales of smartwatches in 2018 then there was almost a 100% growth as compared to 2017. Later Samsung also broke its record sales of smartwatch by 127% growth in Q1 2019, which brings us to the point that people are also actually preferring technology that should help more without you having to carry much and interrupt less.

4. Artificial Intelligence Is Going To Cater Our Major Smartphone Related Problems

Artificial intelligence is going to play a major role in making small devices be the perfect alternative to big laptops or desktops for that matter. To explain it in a better way; soon you can expect your phones to edit videos just like your Macbook. This has already been observed in Google Photos that edits simple videos with the help of machine learning abilities and more recently Galaxy Note 10 has also adopted the video editing feature as well. So, if you are not good with editing videos, you can just leave it to Google in times to come to do it for you.

The power of PCs are going to be embedded into cloud, from where we will just have to purchase it by paying some money.

5. Advanced Commands

Although I would agree that a lot of people like touch but if we be honest then it is less intuitive and responsive when compared to voice commands that would let you get the job done from more powerful assistants in all of your devices. Moreover, after voice control you can also expect things to be directly connected to your brain or thought process.

Having explained this all, the devices in future are technically going to be phones but more smaller, seamless and powerful while going well in accordance to how Apple’s Grand Theory will be in action.

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