Twitter launches a variety of new features for its users

Twitter is a platform known for its services to bring ease for users in all the ways possible. Every once in a while Twitter roles out a new update to remove any unnecessary bug from the platform. Twitter is known for its quick response to the issues faced by users and also providing a variety of solutions for those problems.

Twitter’s Personalization Features

Last month, Twitter launched a new update to provide improved desktop experience for its users. The core purpose behind this new update was to re-build interface and make it as easy to interact as with the mobile app. This new update is specifically meant to make the desktop experience for users better so that more users can engage on this platform.

The issue faced by the new update

People don’t usually like a change in their life, especially a change in social platform interfaces. With the launch of the new update of Twitter, the majority of the people responded with positive feedback but this new update also raised multiple issues. One of the major issues faced by users was the size of Twitter text. A big issue faced with the new layout is that the fonts are too big and the large-sized fonts take a lot of space on the screen.

Twitter responded quickly to this issue and provided a blog to guide Twitter users on how they can change the font size along with the variety of other personalization changes for users in this new format.

To change the font size and color on the new Twitter interface, simply click on ‘more’ three dots tab on the left side of the screen and later on select ‘Display’ near the bottom of the list.

With this new Twitter update, Users can easily change the size and color of the fonts according to their desire templates without any issue at all.

Bottom line

Twitter always tries to bring ease in the life of its users with the new updates. This new update in the interface can only change the font size and color of your profile and not on how others view it. With the change in size and color of fonts, this new update also offers two dark modes ‘dim’ and ‘lights out’. So now you can easily change your profile according to your requirements without worrying about anything else at all.

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