For users of Classic Hangouts, don’t stress it’s not going anywhere anytime soon

Nowadays, people rely more on digital media for all sort of information. Earlier days, people used to ask friends and family for suggestions before purchasing anything but now in the digital world they rely on social media platforms and apps for all sorts of tasks.

With every passing second, a new technology is introduced that replaces the other. Different companies work on providing unique services to engage a variety of audience. Over the past years, modes of communications changed from sending just texts to now sending emoji, videos, audio calls, video calls, and so many more features.

Classic Hangouts will be staying with you a bit more

Google introduced a communication service named Hangouts that would enable its users to send texts, audio or video chats whether with one person or with a group. It is in human nature that they don’t adapt to new technology all at once.

When Google released the information of transitioning its service of Hangouts, there was chaos among users. Earlier this year, Google released that it would move its classic Hangout users to the new version of Hangouts and eventually retire the classic version of Hangouts by October 2019. Majority of G Suite users love the classic Hangouts version so now Google changed its retirement date from October 2019 to June 2020. It is expected that the company may delay the retirement of Hangouts a bit more and will provide an exact date at some point in the near future.

We are not sure what is happening to the G suit consumers with the delay in the expiration of classic Hangouts. With this new timeline for the retirement of Hangouts, it means that Hangouts will be paying for G Suite users which can affect the consumer timeline as well.

Earlier this year, Google stated that it wanted to change its consumers to a free version of Hangouts Chat and meet after the G Suite changes as well. According to the team of Google, this plan will still take place and it will start after the change in the G Suite.

For the G Suite users, Google is planning to make the transition of G Suite users easier for them so that they can adapt the new platform quickly and easily. You need an invitation from Google to disable classic hangouts version and move to the new updated version.

Bottom Line

Google is one of the largest platforms that offer a huge variety of services to its users. The delay in the transition of Hangouts and G Suite users is just due to the high demand from users but sooner or later the transition will still happen.

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