Twitter makes its platform spam-free with the new strategies

Twitter is a social platform that provides its user the opportunity to have freedom of speech without any controversy at all. Twitter always tries to create a platform user-friendly and to create a space where users can get authenticated information only.

Controversies faced by Twitter

Over the past years, Twitter faced a lot of scandals due to the expansion of misinformation, malicious behavior, and spams. Despite the fact that Twitter is the platform where users feel free to share their thoughts, it also became a platform where users fail to trust the authenticity of the context. Twitter and various social media platforms faced the issues of spam and it is something beyond the reach of humans, so they used artificial intelligence to catch the offensive content and employees helping out to clear the extreme ones.

Twitter’s commitment to deliver the relevant content

Due to multiple controversies, Twitter committed to delivering people only relevant content to reduce the chances of spam and to stop any sort of abusive activity before it happens.

This commitment resulted in Twitter engage with more audience and boosted sales on its platform over the past months.

Twitter’s strategies to create a spam-free platform

According to Twitter, the strategy to eliminate spam and suspicious activities are working and the spam activities fell more than 18% over the past months. The core focus of Twitter is to make sure that the rules they apply are understandable for the users and it will continue to use a majority of its resources to eliminate any sort of spam or suspicious behaviors to create a platform where people can feel safe and confident about the authenticity of the information.

Recently, Twitter announced that it will be placing a violation statement on any renowned world leaders who violate the rules but according to twitter are in the “public interest”.

These new strategies help Twitter engage more audience the usage of Twitter on everyday basis increased to 139 million more than 134 million during the last quarter. This helped Twitter with the increase in sales by 18% to $841 million between the months of April and June. With the increase in engagements also increased Twitter’s stock by 3% in pre-market trading. Twitter received a massive amount of $1.1 billion profit from the last quarter and the company is expecting its sales to grow more than 11% during the next quarter and during this year it will increase to about $575 million.

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