Facebook Finally Rolls out a Video Premiering Feature!

After conquering the Stories and Instant Messaging departments, Facebook now has its sights set on becoming the top video sharing and streaming platform as well.

A couple of years ago, the Social Media Giant introduced Watch and in the following months, it worked on getting monetization enabled for the service and on hosting original content on the platform. The option to live stream a video was also rolled out. Still, there is a lot of work that needs to be done in this specific department and Facebook is fully aware of it.

Social Media apps researcher Matt Navarra (who heard about the news through Ahmed Ghanem) recently tweeted about a new video publishing option rolled out by Facebook.

The option in question will allow users to publish videos from the main Facebook application as a Premiere. What it means is that when a video is posted using the option “New Release”, the poster’s viewers will be able to watch the video live and also have a live chat. After that, it will just appear as a standard video post.

Navarra also shared a screenshot, showing from where the new option can be selected on Facebook. People are also bringing up how similar this feature is to the IGTV Premiere feature but let’s face it… Facebook owns Instagram, so it was written on the wall that it would make use of such a feature as well.

YouTube already has the “Premiere” option available for its videos. Now, with Facebook introducing it as well, all signs point towards a possible competition between the two platforms down the line.

Although Navarra states that the feature is now Live, you are encouraged to check it out at your end and if it hasn’t shown up yet, either ensure that you are running the latest update of Facebook or understand that the release is gradual.

Featured Photo: Johannes Berg / Bloomberg
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