Twitter to Launch Dark Mode Later This Year

A new trend for the wide range of apps that are available on the internet involves including a dark mode, and the great thing about these dark modes is that they allow you to browse your favorite apps and social media platforms without having to put too much of a strain on your eyes. Another aspect of the dark mode that is being praised is that people that use their phone at night are now going to be sleeping better because of the fact that a dark theme will not trick your eyes into thinking that it’s daytime thereby making it less likely for your body to allow you to get a restful sleep.

Twitter has played around with a dark mode before but so far it has only been testing it out and rolling it out to a few select beta testers who would be used to see if the dark mode is behaving the way it is supposed to. Twitter has been making a lot of changes however in an attempt to remain relevant in an increasingly competitive tech landscape with so many older companies vying for influence and so many newer companies rising suddenly and making things even more difficult for the companies that are already there.

According to a recent announcement by Twitter, you will be seeing a dark mode in your app some time around September later this year. The dark mode will be referred to as a “Lights Out” mode and will probably help you strain your eyes a lot less while you are using this social media platform.

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Featured photo: Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
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