Mobile Web Is More Popular Among Consumers than Facebook Or Any Other Social Media App, Says A Study

Use of mobile web has become more popular by 3% as compared to Facebook. Users are spending time on other tops apps as well. Mobile web usage comprises 17% of the total time spent on wireless devices, as found out in a study carried out by Kargo – an advertising firm that deals with mobile ads only.

Not only 9% of the Facebook app’s usage is spent on web content but the average usage time of Facebook has also declined in the last two years. Kargo also stated that app usage has reduced because users are now spending more time on other apps like YouTube, Instagram, and Gmail.

It’s up to the marketers to decide, whether they want to post their ads on apps like Facebook or mobile web. Apps provide somewhat specific experience like social networking, games, and entertainment whereas the mobile web is capable of reaching out to a bigger audience through its limitless options of content including shopping, finance, automotive, etc.

Kargo advised brands to do research on where their potential customers are spending more time, either apps or on the mobile web.

This study supports other researches that time spent on mobile usage is increasing because of the growing number of media channels. According to a media agency Zenith, mobile usage will increase by 16% in 2021, around the globe. Users are expected to spend 800 hours in 2019 whereas it would rise to 930 in the next two years.

The global consumption of interest will be 31% in 2021, which is 27% this years and people will have little time for TV, newspapers or magazines. As per eMarketer, adults in the United States will spend more time on mobile as compared to TV.

Researches state that time spent on mobiles will increase by 3.7% this year to 3 hours and 43 minutes per day, which is more than the average time spent watching TV i.e. 3 hours and 35 minutes.

Since there is a decline in the usage of Facebook, it has resulted in no growth of ad spending, but the company’s business is still expanding because of the increased popularity of Instagram. As per research by marketing agency, Merkle, money spent on Facebook advertisements only reduced by 2% in Q1 of 2019. This does not include an advertisement on Instagram.

Whereas, the money spent on Instagram’s ads has increased by 44%. So Facebook’s increase in revenues by 26% in Q1 has been particularly because of the popularity of Instagram Stories Ads.

This study suggests that Instagram has proved to be the rescuer for Facebook, as it is continuously supporting the declining revenue of the company.

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