Five Big Tech Giants Hold Hands Over Data Transfer Project

Data sharing and privacy breach are one of the most searched and talked about scandals nowadays. People have opinions over what data means to them and how sharing data of breach of the data can become a problem not only for them but also how tech giants are gaining profit from them. Over a year ago, the Data Transfer Project was launched with the core aim of making it easier to share data between various online services.

Initially, four major tech giants including Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft were the part of the project however, according to recent news Apple will also be joining the group soon. The main idea of the data-sharing project is to enhance the users' experience, the aim is to make it easier to share data between these companies. Currently, user can download the picture, ideas and other data directly to the hard drive, however, data sharing project helps all the users of these five tech joins to transfer data however they want. In simple words, there is no fear of data leakage or data loss at all. Now the users can simply transfer the data from Facebook to their iCloud with just one click.

The details of this project are regularly updated on the project GitHub Page and according to the recent updates it has been clearly stated that the project is till under process and the user might not be able to fully enjoy the experience. Moreover, users might also experience a few hiccups during the process which will be resolved once the project is completed. Although currently the main focus of the project is on the back end and they are focusing on the functionality of the project. However, as time passes, the project aims to bring a better user-experience.

In an attempt to help the users understand and produce hype about the upcoming projects, Google recently released a statement that gives hints about the upcoming user-facing features and products. According to Google’s lead for the data transfer project, it was announced that Google is looking forward to launching its first user-facing features very soon. Although the timeline was mentioned as “coming months”, however, details are still unknown.

Five Big Tech Giants Hold Hands Over Data Sharing Project

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