Study: Google's AI is the best when it comes to image recognition accuracy

Technology is evolving every day, every passing second new technology is introduced to help bring ease in the life of its users. We are living in an era of new technologies and digital media where we rely on different apps for our daily tasks.

Research by Perficient Digital

Different companies focus on providing unique services to make users more dependable on them. From speech recognition devices to image search recognition, we’ve seen it all. Nowadays, a variety of companies are focusing on providing more efficient results on Image search.

The team from Perficient Digital released a report on Image recognition efficiency of different technologies introduced by a set of four tech giants. According to this report, Google Vision AI tops competitors including Amazon AWS Rekognition, IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure Computer Vision as well.

Google scored the highest 87.7% accurate results on image search and IBM Watson scored the lowest 55.6% accurate results on image search recognition.

Detailed workings by Perficient Digital

Two researchers from the Perficient Digital collected around 2,000 images, tagged and placed them in four different categories of images including people, landscapes, charts, and products. Each of the specified categories contained 500 images. From November 30, 2018, to January 8, 2019, a variety of visuals were collected, tagged and placed in those categories. The researchers from Perficient Digital assigned five unique tags to describe each picture. From April 12, 2019, to May 9, the team of Perficient Digital ran all 2,000 images through image recognition search engines of Amazon, IBM, Google, and Microsoft and analyzed the search results from each image search engine and then combined it to rank the technologies accordingly.

What is the need for this report?

The technology is evolving on a daily basis and image recognition technology is getting better every day. According to the report, Human hand tagged images score around 80% accuracy which is equivalent to the image recognition results from Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft. This report is helpful in a way to make it easy for users to know about the efficiency of each search engine when it comes to image recognition. So according to the outcome of this report, Google is one of the best search engines for image recognition as compared to others.

Who Has the Best Image Recognition Engine?

Bottom Line

Google is a platform known for its advanced technologies and efficient response to commands. The core focus of this platform is to always provide unique content and to provide a user-friendly interface. Google still tops all other competitors with not just providing unique content but also providing efficient results when it comes to image recognition.

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