Samsung Beats Apple and Huawei in Fastest Download Speed Globally, Revealed OpenSource Study

The LTE speed of Samsung phones is higher than the iPhones or Huawei mobile devices, revealed a study carried out by OpenSignal – an independent global standard.

In 72 countries, OpenSignal tested more than 23 million devices from April to June 2019. The study proved that in around 40 countries, Samsung devices have the fastest download speed than any other company’s device.

In the US, it was found that Samsung mobiles’ download speed is 8.2 Mbps faster than the iPhones. In India also, Samsung was leading with the fastest download speed. Whereas Huawei followed, with only 0.6 Mbps slower than Samsung, and iPhone with a minute difference, was on the third spot.

One of the reasons for slower download speed in some of the regions, as suggested by OpenSignal, was due to a weak smartphone market. This was supported by analyzing the market of Brazil, Taiwan, and Costa Rica, where Apple is a successful brand, and people usually had expensive smartphones.

Other reasons for slower download were also identified by the study, as connecting to more frequency bands. Connecting to multiple radio bands at the same time, using various antennas and the modem’s brand all affected the speed of the internet.

Smartphone users were divided into three categories depending upon capabilities of a network, top-tier, mid-tier, and low-tier. The study concluded that in the top-tier, Samsung phones had the highest download speed.

The researchers wrote in their report that globally, Samsung phones are ahead with 26.6 Mbps, followed by Apple (25.1 Mbps) and on number third is Huawei with 24.4 Mbps.

Whereas, in the mid-tier, Apple users have more advantage than Samsung and Huawei users. Whereas, Apple devices cost almost the same as Samsung a Huawei advanced mobile phones.

The study also mentioned that Apple claims to have some of its new devices as high-tier. iPhone XS and XS Max are the only two devices of Apple that are in the high-tier but still they make 14% of the high-tier in the market.

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Featured photo: AdrianHancu / Getty Images
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