Nate Mitchell left Oculus/Facebook and left only Antonov behind

On Tuesday, Nate Mitchell exited from Oculus, a VR platform that creates headsets and devices which support Virtual Reality.

The news of his departure was reported by Alex Heath of The Information. Later, Mr. Mitchell confirmed with his tweet and post on Facebook and Reddit in which he said that he is leaving company after working for it for seven years. However, he said that he is not leaving Oculus, he is reducing his role to give time to his family and to travel with them.

Nate Mitchell was the co-founder of the Oculus which was bought by Facebook in 2014 for $2 billion. Since then, the company, established in 2012, launched different headsets with latest technology. Recently, the VR platform launched fourth-generation standalone headset. Its cost is $399.

Since Oculus was absorbed by Mark Zuckerberg’s social media app, its co-founders left the company one-by-one. Jack McCauley exited in 2015. Palmer Luckey said goodbye to Oculus in 2017 after facing an allegation of paying for advertisements of anti-Clinton. Currently, he is owner of Anduril Industries, defense start-up. Similarly in 2018, Brendan Iribe left the company. He was the CEO of Oculus as well.

Now, Micheal Antonov is left who is not head of VR. He has other roles to perform.

The news of product management head marks the latest departure since Oculus was bought by Facebook. There are many companies whose CEOs resigned after they are bought by giant corporations. Last year, Jan Koum left WhatsApp in April. He was co-founder of the messenging application. Similarly, Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom left the Instagram in September 2018. They were co-founders of Instagram.

Facebook representatives are not there to answer or comment on the latest develpoement.

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