Google Updates the Algorithm for Featured Snippets to Display Latest Information!

Although featured snippets are still relatively new to Google search, they have proved to be quite beneficial so far. To make things even better, it was announced by Google that it has updated the algorithm behind these snippets so they can display comparatively newer information.

Earlier, the featured snippets were usually presented with outdated data since Google search didn’t properly comprehend users’ demands. To fully understand a user’s expectations behind a search query isn’t as easy of a task as it seems.

Google’s VP for Search Pandu Nayak claims that Google’s systems don’t understand the language in the same manner as humans do and since language understanding is an integral part of Search, this causes the displayed results to appear differently than what users expect. Nayak continued by saying that better methods to properly understand searches and display appropriate results are under constant development, especially in cases where the recentness is crucial.

With the help of the new update, the featured snippets will now highlight the more recent information. For example, searching for “upcoming school holidays” will display the 2019/2020 holidays. Before the update, results were being displayed for 2018/2019 ones.

Not only that, but the improved algorithm will also tend to fetch latest and relevant information regarding upcoming events (when searched). Let’s consider the example of the third season of Stranger things. Before the update, looking up for information regarding the series’ latest season displayed an older result. After the update however, it attempts to show the latest available information concerning the query.

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