New Twitter Bot Creates Emoji By Mixing Existing Ones

Emoji have become an intrinsic part of the way we communicate with one another. Indeed, it would be pretty much impossible for a lot of people to imagine communicating without them, and even before emoji were a thing we had a tendency to use smileys and other communicative devices that allowed us to compensate for the lack of tone that comes across while taking part in instant text based communication.

If you have ever wondered where these emoji come from, there is a Unicode Consortium that happens once a year which adds new emoji to the list of preexisting ones. However, that doesn’t mean that the Unicode consortium is the only creator of emoji. A bot on Twitter called the Emoji Mashup Bot has been creating quite a few new emoji by mixing together old ones. One example of this is mixing the beaming closed eyes emoji with the money emoji, which when put together creates something entirely new.

A mixture of the winking and sad eye emoji is another popular addition that people have responded positively to.

This Twitter bot was created by a student and developer by the name of Louan Bengmah, and the reaction to these emoji hybrids has been more or less positive since it is a fun way to break out of the restrictions that are placed upon us with the current emoji that are available to us.

The bot works by isolating the base elements of two emoji and then mixing and matching at random.

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