Instagram will soon be launching its new messaging app named Threads

Facebook is currently working on a new messaging app that’s core purpose is to promote content between users and their closest friends on Instagram. Public posting on social media platforms is good in a way that it helps people to be heard but nowadays user tend to move more towards private messaging apps as compared to other social networks due to various scandals over the past years. The future is of messaging app and Facebook is taking advantage of it by designing a new app companion for Instagram that invites its users to automatically share location, speed and battery life with their close friends along with standard features of the text, picture and video messages with the use of Instagram tools. This app named threads is currently being tested internally on the platform of Facebook, as reported by TheVerge.

Instagram ends developing another app

In May, Instagram stopped working on its Direct messaging app that it had been working on since the year of 2017. According to the executives of Instagram, the beta testers started to frustrate due to continuous shifting from one app to another whenever they needed to send a message. The end on the working of this messaging doesn’t mean that the company will stop investing in new ventures, currently, the Instagram employees who were working on this messaging app were moved to Facebook Messenger team earlier this year to help in the development of some other app with the parent company.

If you compare the new messaging app Threads with Snapchat you will realize that they’re both similar in so many ways. Threads is built to bring your close friends more closer by only sharing information with the selected user but don’t you think it’s the same in case of Snapchat?

According to reports, the average Snapchat user spends more time on the app as compared to Instagram users. Facebook and Instagram have been trying out different strategies to engage the audience of Snapchat on its platform and the new app (i.e. Threads) is just another effort to get the reach of Snapchat on Instagram.

Threads is an app that’s core purpose is to constantly promote intimate content between users and the people they select as “close friends” on the list of Instagram. It will enable users to automatically share content, regularly update statuses and also give the chosen friends a real-time view of information regarding their location, speed and even battery life as well. Although Threads may not display real-time location for now and instead will show something like a friend is “on the move”.

This app also enables users to update statuses manually and the statuses will appear in the home feed along with messages.

If you take a lot at threads, you’ll realize that it just another messaging app similar to the one existing inside Instagram. The messages from friends will appear in a central feed, a green dot will be visible along with the user name of your friends whenever they’re active/online. The Threads enables you to watch a recently posted story from your friends inside the app. You can also capture photos with the built-in camera of the app and send pictures and videos to your close friends.

Bottom line

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms with users from all over the world. The team of Facebook always builds for the future. Private networking is considered to be the emerging future and this Threads app is an attempt by Facebook to make the vision into a reality. Although there’s no official release regarding the launch of the app but we are really looking forward to this app.

Illustration: TheVerge

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