Facebook users may see a delay in the Clear History Tool amidst the court case in Texas

Users of Facebook were expecting a “Clear History Tool” from the developers that will allow them to separate their off-platform activity from their Facebook data profile.

As per the news published by Bloomberg, a state judge blocked the launch of the new feature as a result of a pending court case. In its report, Bloomberg shared that a woman filed a lawsuit on Facebook, claiming the social media network did not help her from being trafficked after she met the predators in her teenage years.

The attorney’s working on the case have asked Facebook to provide a browsing history of the accused – before the Clear History tool can potentially erase all data.

Nevertheless, Facebook had never announced a launch date for the US tool. Last week, the first phase of the tool was rolled out in Ireland, South Korea, and Spain. The social media giant has plans to take insights from the initial launch and then decide on expanding to other areas.

But the court trial can potentially halt the launch in the USA – and no time frame can be declared at this stage, as there is a possibility of more legal implications occurring after this trial. Seems like the 187 million US users will have to wait for some extra time for the new option.


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