Instagram’s new tool is meant to reduce the risk of false information

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms these days. This platform is full of opportunities for influencers and creators but we all have been a victim of false information on this platform as well.

We are living in the era of digital world people pretty much rely on social media platforms for all sort of information. Over the past years, We all have seen how a piece of false information spreads rapidly on social media platforms and affects so many people.

Instagram’s new tool to fight false information

Instagram is a platform that always tries to create a secured space for its users. Now Instagram users can report false information. According to Adam Mosseri, Instagram is slowly working on new tools to fight misinformation. Posts on Instagram that contain any sort of misinformation if reported will be sent to one of Instagram’s fact-checkers which will eventually result in the removal of the post from Instagram’s Explore page and hashtag pages.

If any user spots fake news or any other type of misinformation in the app it can easily be reported now and if it turns out to be false, it can be removed from public-facing areas of the app. It is a minor step by Instagram just to secure the authenticity of their platform.

Instagram’s new tool is meant to reduce the risk of fake news

Previously, Instagram announced that it will be hiding posts that the fact-checking tools displayed as false but there was no news regarding the report feature for users but recently Instagram stated the people can also let the company know regarding any post of Instagram they find false.

The core purpose behind this new tool is to limit the spread of misinformation on the app. All social media platforms have faced controversies regarding false information. Along with Facebook Instagram also emerges as the platform where any misinformation can spread quickly. Although Facebook’s strategies were to down-rank inaccurate information from the News Feed and Instagram focuses on maintaining Explore and hashtag pages more than the news feed.

If any post is reported as fake and then debunked by fact-checkers, it will still show up as a normal post in the feed of the users who follow that account. Although non-followers won’t be able to see the reported posts for followers, it will be a post from the account they follow. The new user reports will be used by Instagram to improve the workings of its AI technology so that it can automatically detect misinformation posts in the future.

Instagram uses different factors to analyze a reported post and on that basis decide whether to send it to fact-checkers or not. So there’s no guarantee that all reported posts with misinformation will make it to fact-checkers.

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