How to Free Up Space in Gmail

One of the most amazing things about Gmail when it was first launched had to do with the fact that the emailing client had an absolutely incredible storage capacity, one that could be used for any number of needs. When you have a storage capacity that is this awesome, there is a tendency to forget that the capacity exists in the first place. This is what leads to your inbox filling up all the way until a point comes when you would no longer be able to receive any emails.

This can be a huge problem for a lot of people because of the fact that it would make it difficult for you to get any serious amount of work done. This is because of the fact that your email is basically the most important thing that you can use for any purpose whatsoever as far as communication is concerned, and the fact of the matter is that if you are working in a professional environment than emailing people is always going to be better and will seem like a more mature and professional way of getting the message across all in all.

When your inbox reaches its limit, there is a chance that you are going to want to delete all of your emails. However, a lot of the emails that you have in your inbox are going to hold some kind of personal value for you, value that you would be hard pressed to ignore all in all. You would not want to delete these emails, but selecting emails from an enormous list that you would like to delete is going to be something that you are not going to want to look into since it would end up taking far too much time.

There are a bunch of ways for PC users in which they can free up space a bit more easily. For one, you can go into the Promotions tab and click on Select all check box, at this point you'll notice that you've selected maximum 50 emails but don't worry at the same time you'll notice a message at the top saying "Select all XYZ conversations in Promotions", now you've selected all the promotional messages you can delete them all by clicking the trash-can icon. Removing all of the promotional emails you have received will free up a decent amount of space. Promotional emails usually tend to take up a fair amount of space on our storage quota, so getting rid of them would be a good idea. But before deleting all promotional emails be sure to quickly look at a few pages randomly to make sure you don't end up deleting important notifications. Now you'll need to go to Trash tab from sidebar menu or you can simply search "in:trash" in the search bar. You'll find all your recently removed emails in the Trash tab. To really free up some space you'll finally need to click on "Empty Trash now".

Here's how to free up some space in Gmail using a simple trick

Another way is to permanently delete some unimportant/unnecessary large attachments from your inbox. For that you can type "has:attachment larger:20M" in Search box then click Search icon. Note that you can replace "20" with a higher number to delete larger files.

You can also read this guide by Google to clear some extra Drive space and increase storage.

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