Instagram Creator Accounts are now Eligible for API Access!

Facebook has constantly been trying to make all of its platforms business-oriented where different businesses and creators can easily carry out their activities. The introduction of a Creator Account to centralize all the management tasks was a crucial step forward in the right direction.

In April, Instagram launched Creator Accounts in order to help influencers and businesses in managing messages, understanding their followers and consumers (in case of businesses) and at the same time, building their own brand, all from within the Instagram app. The Creator Accounts include an advanced inbox as well as insights into follower-growth. That’s not all however and you are encouraged to study the Instagram Creator Accounts in detail.

One important thing that the Creator Accounts were lacking until now was the support for API access. Luckily, there will be no more complaints regarding this from now on as social media consultant Matt Navarra recently tweeted about Instagram’s API now fully supporting Creator Accounts.

Instagram claimed that shortly after the launch of its Creator Accounts, its Engineering teams started working on updating the API endpoints for Business and Creator Accounts to enable interaction with the third-party apps via the Graph API of Instagram.

A couple of days back, the updates were implemented and now, Instagram Creator Accounts are compatible with every fully-released Instagram Graph API endpoint and that includes the Business Discovery endpoint as well. Thus, anyone who uses the Business Discovery API can easily spot a Creator Account and this can prove to be a game changer in the long-run. Creators on the platform will surely realize the importance of the Business Discovery API.

The accounts that were converted might have noticed disrupted service when the update was in the final stage of its implementation.

Although there are a few concerns associated with the latest update, such as the Creator Accounts’ activity getting tracked, the benefits that come with it exceed the shortcomings. Here’s hoping that everything goes on smoothly from here.

Photo: Fabian Sommer/ Picture Alliance / Getty Images

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