New Facebook Marketing Tool Could Be a Game Changer

Facebook’s strategy over the past couple of years has been to try and push itself as some kind of community builder, a platform that can be used to build whatever kind of community you want. A marketplace is one of the most important aspects of every community, and this is a fact that has remained true throughout the various cultures that we have seen all across the world, so it was only natural that Facebook would develop a digital marketplace of its own.

While unofficial marketplaces where certain items were bought and sold have existed on Facebook perhaps since its very inception, for quite some time now the social media platform has had official marketplace section (in limited countries) where you could list items that are for sale or perhaps look for items that you yourself would potentially want to purchase for your own personal usage.

A recent update could mean that you could bring a lot more attention to your marketplace listings. This update involves being able to boost your listings by paying a certain amount of money, thereby making sure that it gets seen by a lot more people than would have been the case otherwise.

Some would complain that this would tip the scales in favor of companies and other entities that tend to have more money than a small time person that is just trying to get something sold, but since Facebook’s whole business model is based around people buying ads it was only a matter of time before it started to allow users to boost their marketplace listings in order for them to get a bit more traction.

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