Google 76 hides sub-domains but there are tricks to undo it

Have you downloaded Google Chrome 76? And are you finding something different in it? If yes, then your observation is right because www and HTTPs are missing from the search bar.

Chrome 76 strip the www and HTTP from the addresses as the Google has done in Chrome 69 which means that users will see on search bar. They won’t see

These subdomains (i.e: WWW) are classified as trivial, according to Google, because they do not provide relevant information to the users.

However, the company stopped hiding this feature in Chrome 69 after the outcry of users who were saying that and are not as same as

Although, they said that they would hide the subdomains again but continue with “m” in later updates. This later date has arrived.

According to Chrome bug post, Emily Schechter - project manager, stated that subdomains will be removed in Chrome omnibox of version 76 in desktop and Android after they have tested the features on Beta, Dev and Canary channels for several months.

It means that domain will be shown only in search bar but you can see the full name by clicking on the bar twice in desktop and once on mobile devices.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Edge does not support this change.

Users, as usual, are not happy with this development. Therefore, Emily Schechter is not seeing this as “positive change” and that’s why there are ways to show the subdomains.

There are two main ways to remove this change.

Method 1: Disable the change.

Removal of trivial can be disabled. All you need is to open browser and enter the following on address bar:


After pressing enter, Chrome will open a page which would have the settings of Omnibox UI Hide Steay-State URL Scheme and Trivial Subdomains. Disable this setting. After that Chrome browser will show users the prompt to relaunch the browser. After restarting Chrome you will be able to see full host name on your address bar.

Method 2: Install site reporter extension

Emily recommended that users can download Suspicious Site Reporter Extension to see the trivial on address bar.

The extension assist users to report scam sites which are required to include in Google SafeBrowsing.

Eric Lawrence, developer of Microsoft Edge, also tweeted that the extension stopped the eliding of trivial.

Photo: Sopa / Getty Images

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