Android Q to Bring Back Three Button Navigation by Popular Demand

Google has been making a lot of changes when it comes to its various properties. One change that it made involved Android, and it basically replaced the three button navigation system that had been a mainstay of the platform for quite some time with a gesture based navigation system. Google stated that it made this change after quite a bit of research, with a lot of this research indicating that users would become more immersed in their smartphone using experience with gestures as opposed to three button navigation, and it was ostensibly meant to optimize the user experience by making it easier to access certain locations without having to push several buttons in order to get there.

However, a lot of users have been complaining about this new form of navigation to the point where they are quite upset that Android is no longer the way it used to be. After hearing the public outcry against the gesture based technology that Google was trying so hard to push, the company decided that with Android Q, three button navigation was going to end up making a comeback that is meant to assuage the concerns that a lot of users have about this sort of thing.

It should be noted that gesture based navigation is not going away anytime soon. It will still be available as an option on Android Q, and it will be the default option on a lot of phones that are going to be hitting the market very soon with Android Q as their stock operating system. However, users are going to have the option of switching back to three button navigation, something that will make a lot of diehard Android fans who happen to be purists regarding their Android experience very happy indeed with how quickly Google ended up responding to this situation. This is a good example of a tech company actually taking the concerns of its users into account and making the requisite changes accordingly.

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Source: Android Developers Blog.
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