Google Docs Makes Live Edits More Accessible

One of Google’s main objectives over the course of the past few months has been to add a lot of features that are supposed to make its suite of applications as well as their numerous functions more accessible to people with disabilities. Live transcribe has been one feature that has been particularly useful for visually impaired people, and sound amplifier has been a huge boon for those that are hard of hearing since it can help them better hear what is being read to them by Google’s own operated software.

The latest change that Google has made is going to make Live Edits easier to understand for people that are visually impaired. Live edits are an important part of Google Docs. When making collaborative documents with people it helps to check out edits as they are happening, and Google Docs does provide a lot of different ways in which you can end up doing this. However, people with visual impairments would obviously find it difficult to keep track of these live edits because of the fact that they would not have any way of seeing the color coded indications of where someone placed a particular edit.

Now, however, Google Docs has made it a lot easier for people with visual impairments to keep track of changes that are occurring on a particular document that they happen to be working on. Now, an Assistive Program shall be used to read updates as they happen, thereby giving visually impaired people the chance to actually look into these updates and figure out how they are going to go into the final document.

Users can choose to follow the updates of a single collaborator or follow updates that each and every collaborator is applying to the document, with the option to properly look into the document becoming an easier possibility for those that have visual impairments that they are trying to deal with.

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