Google AdSense reconstructs its new content policies for publishers

Google is known as a platform that promotes a user-friendly environment. Google has been working on different policies and services to improve the experience of its users in all the ways possible. Google is one of the largest platforms with billions of users from around the world. We are now living among the generation of digital media and users nowadays rely more on social platforms for daily tasks as compared to the past.

Google is loved due to its ability to bring ease and comfort in the life of its users through its diverse variety in products and services.

Google offers a variety of tools to publishers to utilize and display their content in the most creative way possible.

Google is reconstructing its content policies to a more simple format for publishers

Different publishers rely on Google to engage a variety of leads with the help of Google tools but sometimes the policies can become incomprehensible. Some publishers find the policies difficult to understand, which content can violate the policies and which can help to monetize. The core purpose of the team of Google is to bring comfort for its users in all the ways possible. So according to Scott Spencer, Director of Sustainable Ads, Google is reorganizing its publisher content policies in a more simple format so that publishers can easily understand the policies before using AdSense, AdMob and Ad Manager as well.

This new updated format of publisher content policies will go live in September and will be applied to all the publishers using AdSense, AdMob and Ad Manager Tools.
"On a daily basis, teams of Google engineers, policy experts, and product managers combat and stop bad actors. Just last year, we removed 734,000 publishers and app developers from our ad network and ads from nearly 28 million pages that violated our publisher policies.", announced Google AdSense team.
In a blog post, AdSense Team explained that the Google content policies will soon be categories in two sections: Google Publisher Policies and Google Publisher Restrictions. The category named Google Publisher Policies will help publishers understand the type of content that cannot help to generate money. The second category named Google Publisher Restrictions will help publishers understand the specific type of content that do not violate Google policies but may not attract the amount of audience as expected.

These new updates in Google Publisher Policies are expected to launch in September and are solely focused to create a better experience for publishers to understand the type of content that can be monetized.

How will these updates help publishers?

As the future is moving more towards Digitalization so brands and marketers have long been trying to create a more transparent and brand-safe environment for digital ad platforms. During this process, the majority of the publishers found the policies difficult to follow and understand. With this new update in the policies, Google is making it easy for the publisher to understand the policies and follow the rules.

Bottom Line

Small content creators have been complaining about the difficulty in Google’s policy for so many years and finally, Google listened to it. The aim behind this new update is to make the policies easier for publishers to understand and follow it perfectly. Although there are no changes in the policies, Google is just reconstructing its policies in a way that can help publishers understand it better as compared in the past.

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