Snapchat Is Pushing AR Further with New Templates and Lens Studio Update

Snapchat came out as a completely new, out of the box idea that exploded as soon as it was launched. However, later the idea was copy-pasted and included in all other social media platforms and Snapchat lost its individuality. Under such stress, Snapchat struggled hard to bring innovative ideas, in order to maintain its individuality. Snapchat kept introducing new features including the infamous new user interface that only pulled Snapchat down. Later, the company introduced location services but one thing that worked as a saving face for Snapchat by maintaining its individuality was the landmarks and customized filters.

Recently Snapchat introduced a feature where users can now create lenses by using Augmented Reality. Although, not executed properly but there is no doubt that Snapchat has always proved to be the trendsetter. With their new lens customization feature, Snapchat is really betting on the success of the Augmented Reality. In an attempt to make it more fun, the company has updated lens studio, the desktop app for designing the lens. The feature is quite famous and it seems to attract so much attention and just because of this innovation, companies are even offering lens designers jobs.

In this recent update, Snapchat has further added 14 new landmark locations, six new templates (including Skeletal and Hair Color) along with updated user experience that further highlights the new addition and this also help the users in understanding the step-by-step procedure especially for the beginners.
"Lens Studio 2.1 makes it easier than ever to create powerful AR.", explained Lens Studio Team in a blog post.
For the people who are already familiar with the process of lens making and how lens studio works, they will be able to see a new screen along with new templates and new features. This will also include other lenses that have been designed by other users and content creators within the content creator community. Moreover, Snapchat has also posted their templates of lens studio on GitHub and these templates can easily be found by using the tag of lens studio.

However, for someone who is not yet familiar with how the lens studio works, they can simply follow a step-by-step guide for creating a lens with the help of the lens studio. Users can also explore more lenses with the help of lens explorer that is a small smiley icon that is located just next to capture button.

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