Facebook’s new feature is meant to help you find a strong Wi-Fi wherever you go

During an earlier time, people used to rely on each other to do a variety of tasks. People would eventually ask each other for suggestions or recommendations. Later on, those suggestions from people changed to recommendations by apps. Now we live in a generation that relies on digital platforms for all sorts of services. Different companies try to bring out new products and services just to ease its users.

Facebook was and it still is a revolutionary network that changed the perspective of social media platforms. Although there are hundreds of social networks available on the internet, Facebook is still one of the largest social media platforms with users from all over the world.

Facebook currently working to release a new feature for its users

The team of Facebook always tries to make its platform a secure place for all sorts of users and to make users rely on its services for all sort of communication tasks. Facebook always tries to bring ease for its users with the launch of new features every once in a while.

A couple of years ago Facebook launched a feature named Find Wi-Fi to make it easy for its users to find a reliable Wi-Fi hotspot wherever they are. Now it is in talks that Facebook is currently testing new strategies to test a new Wi-Fi management network feature in its Android app. With this new service, Facebook wants to help its users to manage surrounding Wi-Fi connections easily.

Detailed insight on the working of this new feature

A researcher named Jane Manchun Wong found a code within the Android app of Facebook which displays the signs that Facebook is currently testing on a new Wi-Fi network management feature for its users.

If you’re in a new place and want to look for Wi-Fi hotspots, turn on the Wi-Fi section of the Facebook app. After you turn on this Wi-Fi feature in the app you can easily select your preferred Wi-Fi network among the available Wi-Fi networks on your device. Facebook also enables users to submit feedback of the Wi-Fi network by mentioning if the network was slow or not so secured.

When you turn on the Wi-Fi network management feature on your Facebook app, the Facebook server will receive your location and send the list of nearby Wi-Fi networks for recommendations.

Usually, all smartphones have built-in Wi-Fi network management systems so for some people this new feature might feel an additional service. If you look at it from another perspective when you’re in some new area and want to use your Facebook, you need to first open phone setting search for a Wi-Fi network, connect it and then open Facebook to scroll down the feed but not anymore. Facebook built its own Wi-Fi network system so that users don’t have to go to settings to connect to a network and instead they can easily use this new feature to connect to a Wi-Fi connection without leaving the Facebook app.

Bottom Line

If you take a look at the scandals of Facebook regarding violation of user’s privacy, you might find people against this new feature but some people who prefer doing everything within few clicks might end up using this feature to bring more comfort in their lives. The sources informed us regarding this new feature that is still in the working process and we are looking forward to the official announcement from Facebook regarding its launch to the public.

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